South Africa

Programme 3

In this third programme, Peter flies to South Africa to see for himself the strides the nation is making under Mandela to bring in tourists and investment, through leisure pursuits such as golf. He begins visiting Cape Town and meets up with Sir Gary Sobers, possibly the world’s greatest all round cricketer. They play golf on a course amongst the vines of one of the oldest buildings in Cape Town – Steenberg winery.

This is Sir Gary’s first time in Cape Town and he talks about the ban on playing South Africa whilst he was a cricketer despite having made many personal friends amongst the South African players.

Next Peter moves up to the Silver Lakes club where he joins ex -President FW De Klerk for a round. After playing against De Klerk, Peter meets another Gary.

 This time, Gary Player, at his beloved Lost City course at Sun City. Gary explains the magnificence of the course and how it could be the first course in the world to host 100,000 visitors per day at major tournaments.

Peter decides to try his hand and invites a colleague to play the notorious 13th – the crocodile hole. His guest is an ANC politician who spent 27 years in jail, much of this with Nelson Mandela – fighting for freedom. Every night in jail Andrew Mlangeni went to sleep dreaming of playing golf again. After playing the par 3 13th he explains to Peter the ANC government’s hopes to bring democracy and freedom to South Africa.

In between playing golf, Peter visits Kruger National Park to take in the big 5, and also takes some friendly advice from Geraldo, his caddy at Steenberg about golf and life. We also get a glimpse of Geraldo’s life in the township at Cape Town.

Each programme will be digitally remastered subject to adequate financial support and all are available to broadcast subject to terms being agreed.