Programme 4

In our fourth programme, Peter flies to Hawaii and visits Oahu – famous for Pearl Harbour, Honolulu and Waikiki beach. There he meets the Governor of the state of Hawaii Ben Cayetano the first Filipino ethnic Hawaiian governor. Peter plays a round with him at Turtle Bay, Kuilima in the North of the island and then discusses the issues facing Hawaii.

After Oahu, Peter flew to the beautiful private island of Lanai where he meets Alice Cooper – the 70’s to 90’s rock icon. Why? Because Alice is an excellent 6 handicap golfer and obsessed with the game. At 47 years old his ambition is to join the Senior Tour and he plays most days to achieve that. Peter and he played the 4th & 8th hole of the amazing Greg Norman course – The Experience at Koele. Matching each other shot for shot they retire to discuss Alice Coopers ‘shocking’ past and obsession with golf.

Lastly Peter visits the island of Maui where he meets up with the biggest band in America – Hootie and the Blowfish. Hootie are four guys in love with the game and who regularly re-arrange their singing schedules to take in some golf. Known and loved by millions in America and Europe – including many golfers such as John Daly! Peter has fun with them at Kapalua in a pop video montage.

Each programme will be digitally remastered subject to adequate financial support and all are available to broadcast subject to terms being agreed.