Golf Travelogue TV series
broadcast by the BBC in 1997
and B Sky B in 2004-2007

Celebrities including Admiral Alan Shepard, Alice Cooper, Christopher Lee, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Dan Quayle, F W De Klerk, Gary Player, Gene Hackman and Sir Garfield Sobers joined Peter Alliss in this exotic six-part golf travelogue shot in some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

A Golfer’s Travels with Peter Alliss is a six-part TV series, in which Peter Alliss travelled the world in search of exciting golf, fascinating people and exotic locations.

In each programme he explored the country seeking out the unique characteristics of the golf courses and famous people connected with these dramatic panoramas.

The series commences in Scotland, the home of golf and travels to Arizona, South Africa, Hawaii, Spain and Thailand.

Additional footage has been edited into a one-hour Alliss off course programme, the best of the interviews in dramatic locations.

Peter Alliss Master Class, a one-hour tutorial, and the Golfers Travels Review: a one-hour synopsis of the best of the golf locations with commentary from Peter Alliss.

The series was filmed between August 1996 – February 1997 and screened on BBC 2 in April – May 1997. Sky broadcast for three years 2004 – 2007 to coincide with the launch of Peter’s autobiography: My Life published by Hodder & Stoughton.

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Critics Choice - The Mail On Sunday March 30 - April 5 1997

“..he (Peter Alliss) tees off a six part celebration of the game of golf. His travels will take him to some of the most exotic and challenging courses in the world but he starts in the home of golf, among the trees, hills and water of Scotland.”

The Daily Telegraph, March 29 1997

“The Doyen of golf commentary embarks on a tour of the world’s most exotic golf courses meeting famous people hooked on the sport.”

Sun TV, April 4 1997

“Mr Golf himself, treks around the globe, meeting golf addicts who explain their love of the game.”

Critics Choice - The Scotsman April 4 1997

“..the first of a six part series featuring some of the most exotic and challenging courses in the world, some of which have never been seen on television before.”

The Daily Telegraph, April 4 1997

“A new series in which TV’s most entertaining golf commentator gets around with some well-known people, starting with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and the Duke of York.”

Weekend Mail, April 4 1997

“Golfing, if you believe the style gurus, is the new rock and roll, and here we have a sparkling new series to prove the point.”

Time Out, April 2-9 1997

“With a swing and a grin the old pro returns for a new chummy series…”

Giles Smith - The Daily Telegraph, April 7 1997

“The clash with Prince Andrew was something of an exclusive. Apparently he is the first royal in ages to take up golf;”

Giles Smith - The Daily Telegraph, April 7 1997

“Alliss’s manner of interviewing people is one of television’s rare marvels. He is euphemistic, but to the point:”

Giles Smith - The Daily Telegraph, April 7 1997

“Alliss for “Newsnight”: the campaign starts here.”

John Junor - The Mail On Sunday, April 6 1997

“The Queen I suspect was watching her favourite son Andrew playing golf with and being interviewed by Peter Alliss….. If so, she must have been delighted.”

Andrew Alderson - The Sunday Times April 6 1997

“Andrew’s (Duke Of York) passion for golf – in particular his love of the R & A – is revealed in a new book , ‘A Golfer’s Travels’…”

Andrew Baker - Independent On Sunday April 6 1997

“In a nutshell, Alliss gets to play on a lot of lovely golf courses while talking to his guests, gently coaching them and discoursing on the mysteries of the game and indeed, life itself.”

Critic's Choice Daily Mail Weekend April 5-6 1997

“Alliss, who this week visits Arizona and New Mexico, is a skilful interviewer, at his best when chatting wittily over a large G&T – in this case with Gene Hackman, Dan Quayle and astronaut Alan Shepard.”

Giles Smith - Daily Telegraph, Monday April 14 1997

“It is possible that we will look back on “A Golfer’s Travels” as a seminal moment in TV history. What programme has there been which, within half an hour, could find a link between Dan Quayle, astronaut Admiral Alan Shepard and a tricky par-three over red rocks in Arizona?”

Time Out April 23-30 1997

“Alliss is an affable and relaxed host, and even non-golf fanatics will find much to enjoy.”

Critics Choice - Sunday Times May 4 1997

“Visiting Hawaii, he unstintingly supplies publicity for the state’s tourist attractions, making this more promo than programme. Worth catching for surreal glimpses of Alliss coaching Hootie and the Blowfish and talking putts with Alice Cooper.”

Radio Times May 3-9 1997

“Peter Alliss meets Alice Cooper and Hootie and the Blowfish in a rock ‘n’ roll flavoured visit to Hawaii for the final edition of the golfing series.”

Radio Times May 3-9 1997

“He (Alice Cooper) plays two holes with Peter on an amazing course designed by Greg Norman on the private island of Lanai, before talking about his shock-rock past and his obsession with golf.”

Radio Times May 3-9 1997

“In contrast, the issues facing Hawaii are subject of a discussion when he plays a round with state governor, Ben Cayetano,…”

Daily Mail Weekend, May 3 1997

“The final show in Peter Alliss’s golfing travelogue is the most entertaining yet,….”