Programme 2

In programme 2, Peter begins ‘exploring’ Arizona amongst the wonderful setting of Sedona’s red rocks, and meets up with Admiral Alan Shepard the first American in space. Adm. Shepard gained golfing notoriety by playing a bunker shot on the moons during his Apollo 14 moon flight in 1981.
Peter and Alan play the 10th par 3 at Sedona G.C. followed by a fascinating interview up in the hills at a place called Cleator amongst the hill-billies.

Peter then drives down to the Desert Mountain Golf Club near Scottsdale where amongst the extraordinary saguaro cacti he meets with Vice-President Dan Quayle. A very gifted low handicap golfer, VP Quayle gives the viewers a rare insight into the man who might have become President of the USA after George Bush.

Lastly Peter travels across to New Mexico where he visits a ‘women’s rodeo’ before meeting up with actor Gene Hackman. Hackman a keen artist as well as golfer manages to find time to do both by sketching Peter before he plays. Las Campanas near Sante Fe is the setting for their game and Hackman a 16 handicapper surprised Peter with his prowess at the game. Afterwards Peter and he drive to Sante Fe for an interview about the film business, where his relentless work belies his desire to stop, and concentrate on his art.

Each programme will be digitally remastered subject to adequate financial support and all are available to broadcast subject to terms being agreed.